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    RMFR has special needs cats
    that have a lot of love to give,
    but just need...
    a little extra attention.



    When you visit;

    A quick guide to our color code system:

    • Red collared cats are our long-term residents. With serious issues such as biting, it is unlikely an appropriate home will be found for them.
    • Yellow collared cats might be hard to adopt because they have issues such as urine marking or litter pan aversion.
    • Green collared cats are our most adoptable felines. They are ready to find a new lifelong home!
    • Pink collared cats are cats that have been de-clawed.
    • Lavender collared cats are cats that will need ongoing medical treatment after adoption. RMFR will work with the adopters of these cats to make sure the cat is taken care of medically.
    • In John's Room, many friendly, wonderful cats live out their lives while waiting for another home. The Blue collar means the cat has Feline Leukemia and Violet collared cats have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.
    • No collar? Please ask! Some of our kitties know how to remove them, or they might be one of the few that are feral or unable to tolerate a collar.

    Asia D
    Asia D

    "Special Needs" can range from as little as giving medications, keeping them on a special diet to making sure they are the only kitty in the household. Regardless of their needs, these kitties need homes just like all of the others, and because of their special status, they often get overlooked because they require a bit more attention and patience.

    Asia D.

    Asia D., here since 2/3/10, is a sweet senior diabetic cat who just loves, loves people. While she doesn't like other cats, she has adjusted to the fact there will always be another cat a few whiskers away. She was the only pet in her household and very much loved, therefore not used to having to share attention. We think she was born in 2004. Her favorite things are the laser mouse toy and food, food, food. She loves to be petted, lay in laps, and also likes to be brushed. Asia D. would love to have a home of her own, where she can get more one on one attention like she used to. Come on down to the shelter and adopt Asia D. today!

    Captain Midnight

    My name is Captain Midnight! I am a short hair black kitty with white strips under my armpits and when I am sitting down it looks like I have racing stripes! I am a super affectionate and playful cat who loves attention! I would prefer to be the only cat but would also be ok with non dominant cats as well but only one or two at most. I am a special needs cat who needs to stay on Urinary Health Prescription Food; either S/O formula or the C/D formula. I eat dry food but also need to have wet food twice per day. I was diagnosed with crystals (which the food helps control) but I also have FLUTD which is blocked tom syndrome. As long as my stress level is kept down and I stay on my urinary food I do fine with the FLUTD. However if I get too stressed or do not eat my special food I have a flare up and need to see the vet. For flare ups I typically am on fluids Sub Q for about a week, then every other day for another week and pain meds given orally every other day for two weeks. When I am having a flare up of my FLUTD I start to strain in the litter box and my urine output becomes less each time I go but I tend to visit the box more often. Please don't let this scare you off tho! I am a very good boy who always uses my litter box! I have been in foster since my last flare up (and have not had a flare up since!) and my foster mom keeps my stress down and even tho she has 5 other cats I am doing better with her then at the shelter with over 75 cats. But she says i would be even happier if I was the only cat or only had one other cat mate. I am super affectionate and give hugs and love to sleep in bed with you and cuddle up next to your head and if you sleep on your back I will curl up on your chest and hug you and purr all night long. I absolutely love toys! I love toys I can shoot across the room like small balls, mice and glitter balls and I also love catnip stick toys and will flip them up in the air for hours!! Please call the shelter if you would like to meet me as I would LOVE to find my furrever home! I promise you will not be disappointed!!!!


    Socks is a gentle, talkative oriental mix cat and will allow you to hold him for a while. Although not a traditional lap cat, he loves his treats and will jump on your lap to get them.

    He will quietly chase a fleece string wand or other types of wand toys to play and he also likes a tummy rub now and then. He prefers a soft brush on the fur instead of combs or slicker brushes.

    Socks is an insulin dependent diabetic with irritable bowel disese and requires twice daily injections and special food.

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