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Invest in RMFR's Future

As we approach our 40th anniversary, 

We are excited to continue to build our life-saving capacity and increase community partnerships for happier, healthier cats and successful adoptions that lead to 20 years of bonds. The Saving Pets Challenge allows us to approach the future with BIG dreams and innovative minds. In addition to the grant prizes from Michelson Found Pets, a long-time supporter and former board member gave RMFR another challenge  - unlock $10,000 in matching funds, amplifying your impact on our future. 

At RMFR, we believe life is enriched through feline companionship. As a socially conscious limited intake shelter, we are committed to finding safe and healthy homes for every cat we are able to accept into our care, no matter how long it takes. By providing low-stress and safe indoor and outdoor spaces at our shelter and in foster homes, RMFR felines are able to develop strong social skills with the freedom to explore their surroundings, and have genuine interactions with people and other cats. In 2020, RMFR was able to provide shelter, medical treatment and in-house surgeries, and a second chance for over 1,700 cats and kittens. 

We strive to be innovative by introducing compassionate, cat-centric programs to our roster of care, and your support helps us work towards building a better future for RMFR cats and kittens. In 2020, we received a $10,000 programmatic grant from the Orphan Kitten Club to provide specialized training and supplies to help our most vulnerable, orphaned and neonatal kittens under 12 weeks. In 2021, we evolved our established grant program to apply for funds that will directly assist our most in-need cats through increased clinic capabilities, including but not limited to a dental X-ray machine, vaccines and other medical supplies. 

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