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Who We Are

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue provides a safe haven for cats and kittens, exceptional medical care including life-saving surgeries, and a robust foster program led by a team of devoted staff and volunteers. We work in partnership with regional allies in high impact areas to reduce euthanasia rates and homeless cat populations. Our work does not end when a cat is adopted; instead, we move our cat loving community forward through education, low cost vaccinations and a compassionate rehoming program

Core Values


We are committed to the RMFR mission and vision. We are dedicated to the animals in our care and the staff, supporters, clients, and volunteers who stand behind us.


We challenge old notions about what injuries or illnesses should end a shelter animal’s life. We provide space for our veterinarians to perform life saving surgeries other shelters are not equipped to provide. We value the lives of FIV+ and FeLV+ cats and kittens.


We value our relationships with individuals and organizations. We recognize and respect our reliance on like minded partners to meet our collective goals. We celebrate our supportive and diverse community.


We are kind, caring, and willing to help animals in need. We make thoughtful decisions based on the well-being of humans and animals alike.


We believe in ourselves and know what we stand for. We have strong values, recognize our strengths and opportunities, and confidently question the status quo. We do not hesitate to respectfully disagree or take risks.

Founded in 1982

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (RMFR) was founded in 1982 with the mission to care for homeless, abandoned, abused, and neglected cats. Today, RMFR is a limited-intake, free-roaming shelter with the capacity to have up to 125 cats and kittens on-site.

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue strives to have an impact on homeless cats and kittens by providing shelter and partnering with local veterinarians to deliver comprehensive medical care and life saving surgeries. At RMFR, we partner with high risk shelters throughout the nation to reduce euthanasia rates and provide shelter for special cat populations, including those diagnosed as FIV+ and FeLV+. In 2019, RMFR was able to provide shelter and medical treatment, including in-house surgeries, for over 3,100 cats and kittens. 

photo of RMFR cat
photo of blind special needs cat

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue relies on the partnership of our local community through individual donations and fundraising efforts to support all operational expenses, as we do not contract with local governing bodies or receive government funding. We are committed to serving the needs of homeless cats by offering safe indoor and outdoor spaces at our shelter, which allows our residents the freedom to explore their surroundings and genuinely interact with people and other cats. In addition, RMFR partners with local in-store adoption programs to maximize all opportunities for members of our community to adopt their next family member. Our cats are able to develop strong social skills through a robust foster network of dedicated volunteers who provide healthy, in-home environments for RMFR cats and kittens until they are ready to be adopted. 

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is committed to finding a safe and healthy home for every cat that we are able to accept into our shelter. At RMFR, we do not have expectations for how long it should take for a cat to find the right home, and we only euthanize when medically necessary after all other avenues have been exhausted. We believe that every cat deserves a second chance, and we ensure that during the time each cat spends with us, we make it a life worth living.

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