Sponsor Our Shelter

Forever homes are born of all different types of beginnings. Before RMFR adopts our cats to wonderful guardians, we care for them in the shelter environment that best fits their needs. By sponsoring one of our individual rooms, you can help contribute to the care and costs of some very special feline friends!

Maybe you are interested in sponsoring a population of cats instead of just one cat at a time? We have options for you to put your sponsorship money towards our newest residents, our playful kittens, or our cats and kittens needing extra care. Learn more about these options below!

Sponsor Our Shelter!

Sponsor the

ISO Room

When our cats and kittens get sick and need extra care they stay in our ISO ward (Isolation Ward). By sponsoring the ISO room you can help pay for the costs of medication needed to help bring these felines back to health.

Sponsor the Intake Room

When our cats and kitten first arrive, they need a place to adjust to the new smells and sounds of the shelter. The Intake Room gives them a space to adjust, relax, and be observed by our veterinary staff.

Sponsor the Kitten Room

We LOVE kittens! Who doesn't? Our kitten room is a fun place to play and cuddle.  There's a lot that goes into everything that goes into filling that room with so much love and keeping everyone healthy. 

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